Happy 1st Birthday to HM Event Promotions!

A year ago, HM Event Promotions was conceived and born!

It started with the seed of an idea, a spontaneous name, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a domain name and the booking of a website space with WordPress. All of that happened on 5 December 2019. It was birthed in a life storm.

The first post with text about HM Promotions was posted on Facebook on 6 December 2019, simply to explain a little about it, for those who had quickly jumped on to show their support and were liking the page. You can see that first post on Facebook.

The business was literally being birthed as the inspiration and clarity about each of the steps came, conceived and created by its founder, Holly Maxwell Boydell. It had suddenly seemed like the most natural thing in the world to create this business, dedicated to bringing value to others with tools and valuable resources collected over a few years.

It was a progression, a next step, following various experiences and learning, assessing and acquiring significant growth and personal development along the way. A number of signposts and resources had shown up and suitable connections had been made, for appropriate use now and to focus on sharing as well.

The year 2020 has been a big one for many of us and we have all experienced waves of different kinds. Many have had to pivot in our work and careers, juggling home life with daily work / study / life.

Most of what we can do without having to do physically, ie in actual presence, can be done online. Virtual abilities are paramount to the success of how we progress our businesses and there are many standing in the wings ready to help virtually. HM Event Promotions could not have started at a better time.

While HM Event Promotions’ beginning was auspiciously well-timed, it in fact took many months before the website was completed to a basic level and launched. In the interim, all communication had been done via the odd post on Facebook and sharing information via the little business’ Twitter account.

The HM Event Promotions website finally went live, in its first (beta) stage, on Sunday 11 October 2020, ten months after the first steps had been taken! Completely organically, the website has been gaining interest worldwide.

We are grateful to all who have taken an interest, becoming followers / subscribers, as well as taking up some of the offers featured already.

Thus, as we reflect on a year of many challenges and much transformation in a variety of ways, we are also taking a moment to be grateful for the fact that this business was conceived and born in December 2019 … it has a lot to offer yet! The business has barely begun.

Watch this space. If you have not yet found something that is of interest to you, we are sure that it won’t be too long before something stands out for you to incorporate into your personal development or your life and business operations / growth.

Our tagline states, quite simply:

“Promoting empowering events, products and services that we are happy to endorse. We refer with care, you choose what appeals!

As an affiliate and internet marketing service, representing and referring only what we believe will be of genuine help to others, working only with reputable businesses and individuals, we look forward to bringing value to you!

Thank you for your support of our website and business and may the rest of 2020 be kind to you.

Holly Maxwell Boydell
HM Event Promotions

Happy 1st Birthday, HM Event Promotions! Wow, time flies. And now there is a website too: www.HMEventPromotions.com.

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