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Whatever you are looking for in the areas of personal development, wellbeing and online business resources, look here first! We believe that we have what you need to get up and running straight away.

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

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Mindful awareness is the place that we like to start.

That is how we gain our inspiration about what products, services and events to bring to our Clients, through our Internet Marketing Service.

We refer with care, you choose what appeals!

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The range of items and online events that we offer is varied. We are providing links to those recommendations and referrals, as we build the resources for this site.

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Most of the Events that we promote to our online audience and introduce to our international Client base are available digitally.

This means that you, your family, and/or your team can register to attend the events in the comfort of your homes or at your offices or other chosen locations.

The events are either broadcast LIVE over the internet at set dates and times, or available as online replays.

Many of the events that we recommend are those that we have attended ourselves and they carry our ‘gold heart of recommendation’.


A few examples of those businesses whom we affiliate with, to bring quality physical and digital products to you, are listed below.

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and more!


Services that we recommend range from dentistry to documentation, from legal to lifestyle, from architectural to advanced technology support, from natural products to personal growth and success alignment coaching, from building websites to building strong relationships for home, life and business harmony.

In other words, if it works and we know it does, we add our golden heart recommendation!

About Us

HM Event Promotions launched on 5 December 2019, in response to an inner prompt by its Founder, Holly Maxwell Boydell.

The business started as the seed of an idea, designed to help make others’ services and products accessible to a wider audience via our professional and personal recommendation.

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