Learn To Flip Your Brain’s Success Switch At The 10th NeuroGym BrainAThon

What do Neuroscientists know about your finances? Surprisingly, a lot.

There’s a belief pattern that will ATTRACT wealth, and others that will repel it. If you’ve fallen victim to the 11 Money Mindset Myths, there’s a chance you may be repelling…

Can you really manifest more money?

If you want to know how to train your brain to attract more money and a better lifestyle, you will want to take up the FREE invitation to attend NeuroGym’s 10th Annual BrainAThon, hosted by John Assaraf, which kicks off LIVE on Saturday 15 October 2022.

If you’re feeling “stuck” in your life, business, career, or relationships…

October 15th is your chance to finally break free to your next level of success. 

We are experiencing the greatest wealth transfer in human history right now…

Where average people are becoming MILLIONAIRES and multi-millionaires overnight with their new businesses and ideas. 

The question is: What are you doing TODAY to capitalize on this huge transfer of wealth?

Grab your seat for his upcoming FREE online event now before it’s too late.

What do Neuroscientists know about your finances? 

Surprisingly, a lot.

There are belief patterns that ATTRACT wealth, and others that repel it. 

If you’ve fallen victim to the 11 Money Mindset Myths, you may be repelling it. 

There’s no one we trust more on this kind of high-level mindset training than brain coach, John Assaraf. 

If you don’t know John, he’s one of the top Brain & Success Experts in the world.

John shows you step by step how to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN… so you can automatically attract more wealth and success … and avoid these Money Mindset disasters. 

Grab your seat for his upcoming FREE online event now before it’s too late. 

If you’ve ever seen him in the movie The Secret or Larry King Live or the Tom Bilyeu podcast, you know he delivers breakthrough after breakthrough.


  • How to “flip on your success switch” (what scientists call your Neuroplasticity Switch) to turn your brain into your SUPERPOWER
  • Fast tips for removing the “invisible enemies” that you may not know that you have (but are holding you back)
  • How to use this superpower to improve your income, destroy limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, & start living life on your terms
  • The hidden brain tricks you can leverage to become Automatic (aka a Master of Automaticity) and get 3-5X more done in half the time… this has been huge for me & my business

How to push the “Dopamine Button” to get people ethically hooked on you, your message, your product, anything you want to make an impact with 


“Success leaves clues.”

And when you have access to some of the most successful people in the world… why not learn from them to 5X your confidence, mindset, income, and success? 

Joining John will be 6 of the world’s top brain and success experts and peak performance leaders to “pull back the curtain” on the mindset secrets of pro athletes, NASA astronauts, Navy Seals, & top CEOs. 

And here’s the thing: 

This formula has been proven to work insanely well for over 100,000 people, from every field and industry….because we all have a brain and 99.99% of people could be getting MORE out of it. 🤯 🤯

John and his team are picking up the costs. Yes, it’s free for you to attend. 

But due to the server limitations, there is a limited capacity. If you ever wanted to create a breakthrough in your life, this is your best chance:

Click here to claim your spot now [Free Ticket].

Together the experts are going to show you how to flip on your brain’s “success switch” – backed by the latest brain science, 10 years of research, and over 2 MILLION viewers worldwide. 

For FREE —-> and from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll learn the cutting-edge strategies and practices that are working right now and HOW to apply them to grow your impact, income, influence, and business. 

Just check out this EPIC lineup of world-class speakers:

John Assaraf – John Assaraf will teach you how to Shatter Your Limitations and Become UNSTOPPABLE… Simply by flipping your brain’s hidden “Success Switch.”

Dr. Judy Ho – Triple board-certified Neuropsychologist and TV star Dr. Judy Ho will teach you how to Stop Self-Sabotage forever.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg – Pepperdine PhD. Professor and Emotional Mastery expert Dr. Joan Rosenberg will share with you her quick, 90-second formula for how to Turn Any Fear into Your Fuel for Success.

Billy Gene – World-renowned entrepreneur Billy Gene’s journey From Murder and Minimum Wage to Earning Millions and Building A Dream Life will inspire you to achieve life-changing success… as he has done for over 150,000 people worldwide.

Gregory Caremans – Brain Academy founder Gregory Caremans will reveal 3 easy steps for you to Rewire Your Brain for Massive Success…Even if You’re Stuck in a Rut or Addicted to Procrastination!

Dr. Shefali Tsabary – Oprah’s favorite psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary will reveal her proven formula for how to Awaken Your Authentic Self & Achieve Your Biggest Goals Faster.

Natasha Graziano – Forbes’ #1 Female Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach Natasha Graziano will share how she went From the Streets to the Stars – Turning Life’s Mess Into Epic Success.

And special guests

During the event you’ll take part in live keynote presentationslive Innercises™win prizes (they are giving away $15,000 in prizes to people who attend live)…

>> 7 Brain and Success Experts Reveal How to Retrain the Brain for a Limitless Life (FREE TICKET)!

When you register, you’re also going to get a bonus pre-training from John…so you can start priming your brain BEFORE the event. The FREE training details exactly how you can earn more, learn more, grow more, and give more… simply by learning how to “flip on your brain’s success switch”.

This training includes ONE thing at the top of our list that keeps average people from becoming millionaires.

Don’t procrastinate. Jump on this now. 

Become a money-attracting magnet 🧲

The spots for this FREE event are limited. 

Are you in?!

YES! I want to save my spot while it’s available.

P.S. This is a one-time-only training with an insane lineup of expert guests. Did we mention it’s free? 🙂 

This will fill up fast. 

Join us at the event.


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